Protection des données

Data protection (G.D.P.R)

The website complies with the GDPR regulation on the protection of personal data implemented on May 25th, 2018.

By ticking the relevant box when registering you accept 2016/679 EU ruling.

our personal data stored by the website are used in the following cases:

• Last name, First Name, Address, Address 1, Postal Code, City, Country, for the shipment of the CD-ROM and the phone number in case of a package.

• Last name, First Name, Country, Honours for the publication of the results.

• By joining the circuit, you clearly agree that all of the personal data you give, including your email address, are saved, dealt with and used by the French Digital Tour organisers. You also expressly agree that your data be sent to companies that gave their patronage. You acknowledge and accept that your entry to the French Digital Tour means that your entry’s status and results can be made public. You can contact the following email address: to have a look at all your personal data or to delete them.

The French Digital Tour Team